Caring for a Baby During a Natural Disaster

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Natural disasters occur unexpectedly. Children are usually the worst hit during such trying situations. As a mother, you have a lot to face during hurricanes, snow storms, floods, or wildfires that can put your baby in danger.

It might look like a tough task to care for babies during natural disasters but there are tested strategies you can use to get it right. The following are some proven ways of caring for a baby during a natural disaster. Hopefully, you will find them helpful.

1. Get an Emergency Kit

An emergency kit that contains items such as foods, flashlights, first-aid box, and batteries are very essentials. So, get them handy. In getting an emergency kit, ensure it contains some resourceful items such as diapers,

(i) Clothes,

(ii) Diaper rash cream, wipes,

(iii) Thermometer

(iv) Snacks,

(v) Baby carrier, and

(vi) Toys.

These items are essential in caring for your baby during a natural disaster. Also, include chlorine in your emergency kit for the treatment of water. But never use treated water to prepare food for your baby. Instead, you should use formulas that are ready-to-feed for your babies.

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2. Have an exit plan

You might be tempted to stay indoors during a natural disaster. Go with the plans for evacuation in your area. Staying at home will disqualify you from accessing rescue teams during an emergency. If you need to leave home, establish a plan for the persons with whom you will stay.

Also, let your friends and family know about your plan. Ensure your plan covers itinerary as there might be a shutdown of services beneficial to your baby. Determine the time to spend in moving. It is advisable to stay with friends or families.

3. Keep a watch on them at all times

Floodwaters are a great challenge to baby’s health. Babies usually drink unsafe water they come in contact with, so you should keep a watch on your baby at all times during natural disasters. Do not allow them to get close to unhealthy materials.

It is good you avoid the likelihood of taking your child to a pediatrician for a checkup so you must ensure you adopt some proactive measures. Some of these include keeping a watch over them to see to it that they don’t digest any harmful substances. It is difficult to react to natural disasters since they are unplanned. But don’t worsen the situations through carelessness.

4. Have a plan ahead

Sometimes during disasters, you will be unable to reach your child. Have a plan ahead in updating all your emergency contacts. With this, you can ask someone to care for your child when it finally happens. Also, you need to have adequate information about your child’s school care plan.

Know the protocols to follow in order to obtain the needed help and care for your baby. Let your child have a means of identification so that health officials will easily carry out their duties. If you are separated, plan to contact family members for assistance.

5. Know what to do

Different natural disasters have different effects on your baby. Though all natural disasters are not pleasant; you should have a thorough knowledge of what to do during such incidences. There are specific actions you might need to take in order to care for your baby, even though these would usually be left to professionals. Know them.

Get safety and health tips from the internet, social media, radio, television, and local authorities. Having such knowledge will help in taking adequate care of your baby during a disaster. There is a wealth of information out there so do not be left in the dark.

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This is a guest post written by: Leona is part of the content and community team at Specialty Fuel Services – providers of emergency fuel continuation services, in locations affected by catastrophic events.