The Total School Revolution

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In all our years of visiting and working with schools in Nigeria, we’ve not found one that is truly safety compliant or even on the way to being compliant – even the “big” schools. This is a disservice to your parents, staff and learners. 

About time schools focused on what really matters – safety. 

Safety will always come first to staff and parents. It is not negotiable 

Schools need to learn and start doing what it takes to become a Safe School.

That’s what The Total School Revolution is about. Total freedom to unlearn those old safety habits and learn new ones designed to make your school outstanding. 

💐 The Total School Revolution is a membership programme, which will give schools access to training, templates and resources they need to help the, get started and moving with their safety journey. 

All for just N1,000 a month or N12,000 a year. 

Why so cheap? Because we really want to help schools become a safe place for those who visit, work and study there. We are eager to show schools just how easy implementing safety can be, only if they tried.

In the membership, they will get

😍 Top safety practitioners train and provide resources

👉Monthly 5-Day Action-packed challenges that will push schools into action, so that they will begin to see their safety system grow and expand rapidly 

🧐Explainer Videos


🎤Live Question and Answer sessions with our founder Professor Ike (hotseats as she will be taking questions and answering them on the spot) 

✍️Templates, check lists and resources 

👩‍💻Access to a membership area as and when they want

🥰Access to support via WhatsApp, Text and Email from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday

🤑Huge discounts off live training and consulting for their school and team

This deal cannot be found anywhere at this cost. It is a deal of a lifetime. An opportunity not to be missed especially by low income schools! That is why we need you to ADOPT A SCHOOL!